Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Life ...My Journey !!!

Today I feel like sharing few moments of the journey of my life....

Now, After 23yrs of my life i feel like i am living a wonderful life ...i have a lovely family- strong and ideal man MY DAD .......beautiful and caring MOM....naughty and protective BROTHER ......honest & forever FRIENDS.. a perfect life ...only one thing was awaited a decent , friendly , caring & most imp loving LIFE PARTNER...God has now shown me the MAN of my dreams too with a lovely what more i should ask for ??????????? 

We always complain to GOD that i didn't got this ..or why i am not having that? But we forget what we have with us is what we actually want and the things which are still not with us is something God want us to wait for...and also work for...

Yes...There are so many people around you...still time comes when you feel all alone ....but thts the only time when you realize the importance of people around you...

We have to understand the Only thing constant in life is ..CHANGE..!!!

Time kips on changing , but what really hurts is when people gets changed with time.. but we still forget tht not only others , even we get changed with time..

Its not tht they do not care or love you the way they use to...its just tht priority gets changed with time...strange but yet a fact of life..

We are humans we need company for everything ... we say we can live and face life alone , but thts not a truth...coz life won't be worth living without your loved ones..

A person plays many roles in a single life ... i am a daughter, sister, friend, etc etc...everyone has different expectations from me..And vice versa..

Misunderstanding arises when we do mistakes in understanding these expectations..

Some times things gets worst and you feel like you just can't continue the relation with the other person...but here also we forget that when you share a bond tht bond never breaks completely ...we are not machines ...tht we can delete or erase the things we want ...the only thing we can do is a try to ignore the things we don't like...

In this journey i have also learned tht ... don't be afraid of loneliness and tears ....coz it will come to visit you again & again..treat them in a good they are your best friends , coz they comes to you when you are disappointed or feel lonely...and believe me thts the best time tht you really understand yourself ......

In Life also come across some priceless and memorable moments … 

I would love to share some of  my memorable moments…

  • ·         Dad’s tight hug and a kiss on forehead– On the day when my family came to settle me down in hostel….I realized what am I going to miss in the hostel…
  • ·         Mom’s tears – the last moment seen from the train, every time while going back to delhi.
  • ·         Brother’s hug , talks , fighting…
  • ·         School life with friends ..specially the katti mitti sessions…:)
  • ·         Job’s first day .
  • ·         First salary cheque .
  • ·         First cup of tea from your salary …
  •        5th Feb,2011-- when met anu for the first time..:)
  • ·         Tears of happiness- seeing your family after a long time, watching your dream come true , watching your friends doing well in there lives.
Etc… Etc………..

There’s no ending of good and bad memories…past is what makes you realize the distance you have covered and the up’s and down’s you have faced…
That not only gives tears to your eyes also brings smile to your face ..and also gives you strength to face present circumstances and plan a future …..

My Mantra Of Life:

  • ·         Trust God
  • ·         Believe in your self
  • ·         Never Ever Hurt Your Parents
  • ·         Love and Be there with your family and loved ones in every situation
  • ·         And when ever feel like complaining for anything , give a look to ones who is less blessed then you
  • ·         Dream and work hard for it…

There is no hard and fast rule of life…you just need to be flexible with time and kip believing in your self …rest will be taken care by God…As, we all say .. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A GOOD REASON…:)

Kip Smiling...:) And Have A Great Life...!!!



  1. wow nikki... This is awesome.. :)

    even i follow these mantra... gives a lot of positive energy.. :)

    All the best for your future.. :)

  2. wow Bhabhi wat an article bout ur life u had written, i thnk u r now gonna be The best suited Bhabhi of our family, v wer( @least I) searchng frm past yrs. Others r also vry gud.. . But freshers in d family r always greeted well to make dem realise dat, still dey r in der family. M imprrsd wid my sweet bhabhi Watng to meet u soon. . . . .

    Ashish Sinha

  3. it really gives me positive vibes....written like a very mature person whose having deep observations of life.....usually i dont read these big big articles but u wrote it so nicely that it makes me read till the end (!!!)....keep it up niti and hav a happy future ahead.


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  5. @ Ashish : Thank You So Much ...Its pleasure to have your comment..:)

  6. hey bhabhi.. brilliantly written.. touching..thought provoking.. supebly put..'and i must say that this blog has come at the very right time.. the time when u'll become a part of a new family.. who all are waiting to know u more n more.. this write-up will give us a glimpse of what a superb human being u r.. ethereal to say the least.. i am glad to have read this.. i'm glad to have u in the family and i'm glad that dada found u and u found him.. My heart goes out to say something.. BEST OF LUCK to u and dada..for ur life ahead..
    "Tere Taarif mein Sukhan kum pad gaye, Varna
    hum bhi Ghalib se kuchh Kum na the"
    [sukhan = Words]"

  7. @ Akshat : So sweet of you & thnks dear ...

  8. oh my god , nitika , yar yeh to philosophy ho gayee , beta nice to have these thoughts always at the bottom of your heart that would keep you firmly grouted to the ground and simple in life, but dont ever lose child in you keep bubbling keep doing some mistakes, be immature sometimes but most importantly as you said be adaptable to everything in life , you may find faults in many relations and many thing wont work the your way , but keep holding to them still those dreams, those people , those relations, after all world is toooooooooo good a place to live in , love you , would like to meet anubhav i near future

  9. Thanks a lot u too...nd m sure u and anubhav will meet soon...tkcr..